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Armistice Day

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At 11am on Tuesday 11th November we'll be remembering those who have sacrificed their lives for their country and this year is particularly pertinent being the 100th Anniversary of the start of WW1.

This year's Remembrance Sunday will take place on Sunday 9th November.

Many people associate Remembrance Day with heroes of D-Day or the Battle of Britain's Spitfire pilots. Some people think of the deeds of the SAS during the Falklands conflict or, of course, Flanders Fields from World War One, carpeted in poppies growing where so many men lost their lives.

But in the last few years it's also been about the nation showing its support for the soldiers returning injured and traumatised from current conflicts. 

Join us in observing a 2 minute silence on air at 11am on Tuesday 11th November.


Poppies at the Tower of LondonWe are supporting the Royal British Legion's poppy appeal

Supporting those who have returned injured from war and the families of those who gave their lives. Thousands of men and women who have helped bring us freedom.

You can get involved and honour our fallen heroes by...


Wearing a poppy

The Royal British Legion launches their Poppy Appeal annually and distribute over 40 million paper poppies during October and November.  According to the Royal British Legion the poppy is a symbol of remembrance and hope, not a symbol of death. It is a personal preference and choice to wear one, but for those that do, it is a personal reflection on memories and a mark of respect for individuals that have lost their lives in battle. 

Observing a 2 minute silence at 11am on Tuesday 11th November 2014

Millions of people will pause what they are doing on 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month to observe a two minute silence as a mark of respect.  The silence is an annual tradition to commemorate the original Armistice of 1918, which signalled the 'stilling of arms' and led to the formal end of the First World War.

Join us at 11am on 11th November as we remember the fallen heroes past and present.


Remembrance Day - Poppies floating in pool. Copyright the Royal British Legion

How we will remember in 2014

We will broadcast a special programme of Remembrance on Sunday 9th and Tuesday 11th.

Listen again here:


News Editor Pete Denton interviews local war Veteran and thei years Lifetime Dedication Award winner Leslie Garratt.




A fitting tribute

To mark the Centenary of WW1, artists Paul Cummins and Tom Piper have created two art installations, Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, which have been on display at the Tower of London. 888,246 ceramic poppies have been progressively filling up the moat since the summer.  Each poppy represents a British fatality from the First World War.  The final poppies will be added to the moat on 11th November, Armistice Day this year.


Images: copyright the Royal British Legion,  sxc & Tower of London.

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