Secret Sound

Congratulations to Kim in Chichester who won £3640 for correctly guessing that the Secret sound was the crumb tray of a toaster!

Take a look at the video clip here to SEE the actual Secret Sound being recorded!

Have a listen below:

Please see conditions of entry at the foot of the page.

Secret Sound: 04/11/2013


Incorrect Guesses

Kenwood Chef Popping Lid/Whisk In Place
Alan - Lavant

Ignition on a gas cooker
Barry - Littlehampton

Washing machine powder draw (again!)
Ken - Bognor

Ice dispenser on a fridge freezer door
Sarah - Chichester

Toaster bread lever being pushed down and up
Dan - Ford

The attachment on a electric whisk clicking in
Alison - Bognor Regis

Baking Tray being put in the oven
June - Bognor

Oven Door
Paul - Chichester

Brackets on the side of a jar
Tina - Chichester

A Hoover
Peter - Littlehampton

Wringing a flat headed mop
Mandy - Arundel

Locking the lid of a pressure cooker
June - Bognor Regis

Banging Rubber Gloves
David - Burgess Hill

Reset button on a power breaker
Lesley - North Bersted

Soda Stream being loaded
Liz - Chichester

A Bucket
Kathy - Littlehampton

Peter - Worthing

A Metal Peddle Bin
Tony - Littlehampton

Cutting Vegetables on a chopping board with a knife
Jules - Littlehampton

A Letter Box
Eve - Felpham

A Skylight window closing
Amanda - Bognor

Lighting a gas hobb
Stanley - Angmering

a Freezer Drawer closing on ice
Ann - Midhurst

A Table top chip maker
Melissa - Fontwell

Refilling the Steam -Iron
Tina - Bognor

Opening a washing machine door
Ann - Bognor Regis

A hand-held vegetable chopper
Suzy - Rustington

Jug Kettle switching off
Nick - Ashington (Guess 2)

Toaster popping up
Nick - Ashington (Guess 1)

Lever on Door Deadlock
Louise - Barnham (Guess 2)

Cylinder on Dyson clicking into place
Louise - Barnham (Guess 1)

The locking of a food processor
Graham - Tangmere (Guess 2)

Opening of a sliding wardrobe
Graham- Tangmere (Guess 1)

Serving Hatch
Ken - Bognor (Guess 2)

Loft Hatch
Ken - Bognor (Guess 1)

Washing machine door locking
Paul - Littlehampton (Guess 2)

Double Glazed door being locked
Paul - Littlehampton (Guess 1)

Suitcase Handle Pushed Up/Down
Mavis - Bognor (Guess 2)

Cross Cut Shredder
Mavis - Bognor (Guess 1)

Old fashion letter box
Rebecca - Bognor Regis (Guess 2)

Carpet cleaner
Rebecca - Bognor Regis (Guess 1)

Table lamp Switched On/Off
Maureen - Middleton (Guess 2)

Central Heating Pump
Maureen - Middleton (Guess 1)

A chimney being swept
Ken - North Bersted (Guess 2)

Swing doors in a home
Ken - North Bersted (Guess 1)

Washing Machine Soap Drawer (Guess 2)
Dave - Pagham

Coffee Machine (Guess 1)
Dave - Pagham

Pushing the lid down on an electric kettle
Kate - Littlehampton

Bathroom sink plunger
Will - Hayshot

An energy meter ticking round
Louise - Littlehampton

Hand Held Nut Cracker
Caroline - Selsey

The lid locking on a food processor
Gail - Chichester

A shower door opening and closing
Rebecca - Bognor

Bin Liner
Tony - Littlehampton

The mains electricity circuit breaker tripping
Jane - Bognor

A Loft access ladder
Brian - Selsey

Curtains being drawn over a metal pole
Tina - Chichester

Drop side of a babies cot
Lesley - North Bersted

the lid of a plastic lunch box being sealed
Roger - East Wittering

A Folding shower door
Dave - Felpham

Chest of Drawers opened/closed
Richard - Bognor

The door of a bathroom cabinet
Cathy - Littlehampton

A kitchen Can Crusher
Jill - Barnham

Loft Ladder
Tina Russell - Chichester

Patio doors being shut and locked
June - Bognor

Emptying Vacuum Cleaner Cylinder
Tina - Chichester

The drawer in the Dishwasher
Teresa - Bognor

Sofa Bed
Phillip - Bognor Regis

Grill Door on a cooker
Lara - Bognor Regis

Wardrobe Opening / Closing
Tina - Chichester

Metal Work Guillotine
Paul - Bognor

Bread Bin
Mandy - Hunston

Putting a plug in a socket
Jo - Angmering

Loft Hatch
Steve - Billingshurst

Old Fashion Aerial on a Radio
Tina - Chichester

Dishwasher Door
Alison - West Sussex

Chimney Flue Vent
Janet - Tangmere

Pulling a toaster lever down
Liz - Tangmere

Cat Flap
Helen - Southbourne

Sink Plunger
Alan - Felpham

Pulsing Food Processor
Carol - Storrington

Bolting a front door
Charlie - Selsey

Locking Bathroom / Toilet Door
Pat - Pagham

Kettle being placed on base
Becky - Almodington

Cassette being put into machine
Terry - Chichester

A Carpet Sweep (Push pull)
Trevor - North Bersted

A Toaster being pushed down
Hazel - Chichester

Cling Film Dispenser
Chelsea - Hunston

A Tumble Dryer door
Rebecca - Bognor Regis

Pedal Bin Opening / Closing
Louise - Siddlesham

An extractor fan
Will - North Chaple

Shower pull switch
Mandy - Felpham

Scraping Toast
Joan Bourner - North Bersted

Black Bin Liner
Sandy - Littlehampton

Pull electric light switch
Chris - Chichester

Pushing a sofa bed base back into place
Mick - Sesley

Shutting a Washing Machine door
Ali - Bognor Regis

Sliding doors on a china cabinet
Wally - Barnham

Hoover flex retracting
Jane - Angmering

A washing machine soap dispenser
June from Bognor

A stairgate opening or closing
Louise in Littlehampton

Closing a Window
Debbie - Chichester

Shaking out a pillow case
Kelly - Westbourne

A clock ticking
Jeff - Fishbourne

Opening / Closing Loft Hatch
Chris - North Bersted

Bread Bin
Kathy - Littlehampton

A Mug Tree
Margaret - Bognor Regis

Door release on a washing machine
Kate - Littlehampton

Opening / Closing Ironing Board
Hazel - Fishbourne

Freezer dispensing ice
Sandra - Midhurst

Food Chopper
Val - Rustington

Shower door being closed
Nina - Bracklesham Bay

Scrunching Top of a Cereal Box
Louise - Littlehampton

A Cat Flap
Natasha - Littlehampton

Microwave Oven Door
Tina - Chichester

Storage Container Box
Rona - Bognor Regis

Loom on a Weaving Machine
William - Hayshot

Clip from Queen's Radio Ga Ga!
Liz - Barnham

Manual Footpump
Dave - Selsey

Mavis - Bognor

Rubber Mat Being Dropped
Lindsey - Emsworth

Credit Card Manual Swipe Machine
Alex - Chichester

Rubber Flippers
Lindsey - Emsworth

Starting Stalls on a Racecourse
Caroline - Selsey

DumbWaiter Lift
Kim - Chichester

Venetian blind closing
Stella - Chichester

UPVC door closing lifting handle up
Tina - Chichester

Sails on a boat catching the wind
Paula - Selsey

Slam Door on a Train (again)
Becky - Bognor regis

Prison Gates Closing
Kim - Chichester

Moving the cartridge on a knitting machine
Ann - Littlehampton

Steam train pulling away from station
Mary - North Bersted

Skates at a Skate Park
Caroline - Selsey

Dustbin Lorry Loading Bins (again!)
Ann - Midhurst

Lift Doors Opening/Closing
Mavis - Bognor Regis

Fuel pump being returned to holster
Valerie - North Bersted

Another Door Closing Answer!
Sally - Midhurst

Jumping on a Trampoline
Kim - Pagham

Car Park Entrance Ramp
Valerie - North Bersted

Kitchen Swing Bin
Tony - Chichester

Stairlift Starting / Stopping
Kate - Littlehampton

Butcher Chopping Meat
Mo - Bosham

Patio Door Being Closed
Pam - Middleton-on-Sea

Bus Doors Opening / Closing
Valerie - Bersted

Traction Engine
Mary - Bognor

Vending Machine
Mick - Selsey

Military forces coming to Attention
Dave in Lyminster

Plastic Warehouse door opening or closing
Terry from Chichester

An Automatic air-freshener going off
Joan from Selsey

The safety catch on a loft ladder
Dave from Selsey

Train carriages being joined together
Mavis from Bognor

An ironing board opening and closing
Maureen from Middleton

A Camera shutter closing
Bob from Nyetimber

A Poppy Press
Sylvia - Bognor

Printing Press
Tina - Chichester

Fire Exit Door Bar Being Pushed
John - Bognor Regis

Pool Balls Dropping
Vicky - Tangmere

Standing/Crushing Cardboard Boxes
Rosie - Steyning

Stacking Books
Jo - Angmering

Sheet Metal Guillotine
Melissa - Westergate

Umbrella Being Closed
Albert - Chichester

Another Army Parade Answer!
Paul - A27

Metal Tape Measure Reeling In
Caroline - Selsey

Rotary Washing Line
Liz - Barnham

Emergency fire door closing
Michael - Bognor Regis

Level Crossing Gates Opening/Closing
Mavis - Bognor

Shutting a draw
Sue - Chichester

Adjusting A Car Seat
Lizzie - Bognor

A Chubb Lock
Sue - Hayling Island

Car Central Locking System
Kate - Littlehampton

Shutting an oven door
Alison - Bognor Regis

Beer Kegs Being Unloaded from Lorry
Pat - Fernhurst

A paper Guillotine
Tina from Chichester

Soldiers Standing at Ease
Dave - Felpham

A fire door shutting
Amanda - Selsey

Large Ratchet Screwdriver
Mick - Selsey

Soldiers standing to attention
Mo - Bosham

Bins being emptied into refuse lorry
Anne - Midhurst

A stapler
Sharon - Yapton

Opening/closing cabinet drawer
Wally - Barnham

A video cassette being inserted
Ken - Bognor Regis

Closing/opening printer paper drawer
Dean - Fernhurst

A bolt being bolted and unbolted
Patricia - Rose Green

Hand pushed lawnmower
Caroline - Selsey

Clicking a TV onto Freeview
Sue - Hayling Island

Shop Till
Ann - Midhurst

A freezer drawer being opened
Sara from Chichester

Pin ball machine flipper
Dave - Selsey

A Skateboard landing on the concrete Bowl
Vicky from Littlehampton

Snow falling off a roof
Lindsey - Emsworth

two car doors closing one at a time
Jeff from Bognor Regis

Car Door Opening/Closing
Amanda - Chichester

A bag of crisps popping
Nora - Pagham

Washing Machine Drum
Susan - Pagham

Roller cover in a car
Tina- Chichester

Shop Pricing Gun
John - Bognor Regis

A wheelie Bin connecting to a Dust Cart

Shop Window Security Shutter
Mavis - Bognor Regis

A Guillotine cutting a wad of paper
Phillip - Bognor Regis

Cat Flap
Kelly - Westbourne

Concrete Mixer
Mick - Angmering

Manual Push Lawn Mower
Paula - Selsey

Window Wipers
Jane in Bognor

A roof-light window closing and locking
Brian from Bognor

an Umbrella opening and closing
June from Nutbourne

The gas igniting in a boiler
Trevor from North Bersted

The Washing Machine finishing its cycle
Brenda from Nyewood

An Old Fashioned manual credit card machine
Becky from Almondington

A suitcase being closed
Terry in Midhurst

A Vegetable Chopper
Mick from Selsey

a Tarmac compacting Machine
Shiela from Bignor

A Car driving over a Road-ramp
Julie from Steadham

Splitting Firewood logs with an Axe
Jackie from Coldwaltham

the detergent drawer on a Washing machine
Alison from Bognor

A cardboard box being opened
Shane from Eastergate

The foot rest on a reclining chair coming up
Margaret from Hunston

The salad drawer in the fridge being pulled
Barbara from Chichester

A Revolving door
Kathy in Littlehampton

The catches on a briefcase opening
Caroline from Selsey

An Umberella closing
Jo from Hunston

Tidying a pile of magazines
Nigel in Felpham

Closing a recycling bin
Mary from Bognor

Fingers drumming on a Carton
Terri in Westergate

The lid of a Wheelie Bin closing
Karen from Pagham

An industrial Guillotine
Jack in Bognor

Shovelling with a spade
Olly - Storrington

the Toast popping up from a Toaster
Liz from Barnham

Pulling out and pushing in a Freezer Draw
Chris from Yapton

The Cog on a Woolen Weaving Loom
Lyn from Littlehampton

Car wiper blades
Jim in Pagham

Hitting a punchball
Lyn - Bognor

Releasing a shopping trolley
Trevor - North Bersted

The trigger on a Pin-Ball machine
Alan from Oving

Soliders March (again!)
Richard - Liphook

Photo Copier
Lyn - Chichester

A Gun being loaded
Cara from Chichester

Changing of the Guard
Alex in Westergate

Fridge opening / closing
Alison - Bognor Regis

Train pulling away
Susie - Chichester

An automatic Bottle recycling bank
Dennis from Fontwell

Pinball Machine
Mandy - Felpham

Postage stamp machine
Ethel - Felpham

A large Hole-punch
Rebecca from Ferring

Roller blind shutters
John - Bognor Regis

Metal cutters
Paul - Bognor Regis

Flushing the Loo
Steve from Aldingbourne

A CD shuffle
Teresa in Horsham

Popping open a car bonnet
Isobel - Petworth

Moving a car seat
Mary - Bognor

An Igniter on a Gas Fire
Kate from Littlehampton

A Car Central locking system
Janet in Littlehampton

Self Inking Date Stamp
David Carr

Windscreen Wipers
Roy - Chichester

The arm being pulled on a 'One Armed Bandit' fruit machine
April from Chichester

X-Ray Machine
Margaret - Hunston

Train Door Slamming Shut
Steve - Littlehampton

A letter dropping through the letterbox
Kelly in Westbourne

Speed Ramps
Dave - Felpham

Fire Door Opening/Closing
Alison - Bognor

Car doors opened by the key-fob
Nick from Ashington

Walking in Snow
Pat from Barnham

Lever door handle
Paula - Selsey

An old fashioned Till closing
Caroline in Chichester

A kitchen drawer being closed
Dawn in Chichester


Wheelie Bin
Phil - Tangmere

Stepping on Snow
Sabrina in Slindon

A bin liner being shaken out
Mandy in The Witterings

Ticket machine
Trevor - North Bersted

Big plastic doors closing
Helen - Southbourne

A Video cassette being loaded into A VCR machine
Sue from Chichester

A sliding Van door
Kate in Littlehampton

Pedal Bin
Karen - Donnington

Performance group 'Stomp'
Mo - Bosham

Firing an arrow from a Bow
Gordon from Midhurst

A fabric roller towel in a public toilet
Cathy in Littlehampton

Squash ball being bounced in court
Wyn - Tangmere

Multiple copies on printer
Dave - Selsey

Wooden Venetian Blinds dropping on a window sill
Alison from Bognor

Shaking out a sheet or duvet
Kevin from Bognor

Stacking up deck chairs
Tina - Petworth

Carpet loom
Paula - Selsey

Soldiers on Parade
Esther from Chichester

An umbrella being opened
Flo in Aldwick

Patio door sliding
Kate - Littlehampton

Pedal bin
Tash - Littlehampton

A parcel tape dispenser
Richard in Pulborough

Kick starting an old Motorbike
Dave in Selsey

Marching soldiers
Brian - Bognor Regis

Wall stapler
Lucy - Midhurst

A cash machine dispensing the cash
Steve in Stedham

A set of heavy Restaurant doors
Gordon from Midhurst

Pushing down a steam press
Kate - Littlehampton

Shuffling a pack of cards
Terry - Westergate

Loading a DVD into the Player
Sue on Hayling Island

A letter coming out of a Franking Machine
Terri in Westergate

Coffee Packaging on a Machine Carousel
Ann - Midhurst

Extendable table
Lizzy - Bognor

replacing the grass box on a Lawn Mower
Ken from Bognor

a paper towel dispenser in a public toilet
Cathy from Littlehampton

Dust cart
Roy - Chichester

Inserting card into cash machine
Wayne - Pulborough

The destination board changing in a Railway Station
Mavis from Bognor Regis

A Steam Train pulling off
kelly from Westbourne

Filing cabinet being closed
Philip - Bognor Regis

Hand wood saw
Aaron - Littlehampton

A Parachute rip- cord being pulled
Nicky from Tangmere

putting the nozzle back on a Petrol pump
Ken from Bognor

Can Dropping in Vending Machine
Sue - Bognor

Wooden Drawer Being Closed
Martin in Chichester

An old fashioned Credit Card Machine
Patricia in Pagham

Soldiers on parade
Colin from Yapton

A Measuring Tape
Julie in Midhurst

Service men marching
Ann from Bognor

An Umbrella opening
Kevin from Bognor

A car bonnet closing
Brenda in Nyewood

Tapping a Microphone
Kate from Littlehampton

A Security Bank Vault
Brian from Bognor

A manual food chopper
Sue from Hayling Island

Soldiers standing to attention
Valerie from Elmer Sand

Closing/Opening Kitchen drawer
Neil - Bognor Regis

Opening/Closing the slats on a blind
Paula - Selsey

Unlocking a door with a key
Sue in Chichester

The double echo of a gun being fired on a firing range
Wally from Barnham

Old fashioned typewriter
Sheila from Bignor

A clay pigeon shot
Brian from Bognor Regis

The bolt on a gate
Rob from Chichester

Soldiers on parade
Anne in Midhurst

Slamming Door
Elaine in Barnham


SECRET SOUND - Terms and Conditions

In addition to Spirit FM's standard terms and conditions which can be viewed here the Spirit FM Secret Sound also carries the following very important regulations:

  • One caller per day, Monday to Friday, will be put to air to try and guess our mystery sound.
  • Every caller will be picked using our random winner generator, the caller MUST NOT tell the presenter what they think the sound is before they are asked to do so live on air. We have to be very strict about this and if you do try to give us the answer ahead of the on-air activity you will be disqualified from play.
  • On-air play with this competition is strictly by telephone. Emails or texts will be accepted as a way to volunteer to play on an occasional basis at the discretion of the presenter. Listeners volunteering to take part via text or email must only supply their name and telephone number. Any text or email that includes a guess as to the what the Secret Sound is will be disqualified.
  • The prize value will be raised by £20 per day, the prize value you are playing for will be announced before the phone lines are opened.
  • The prize payout will be paid by cheque within 2 weeks of winning.

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